Racial Gaslighting and Palestinian Erasure

The intentional erasure of Palestinians represents the top-to-bottom, systematic ideological thought process in the west regarding Palestinians: Pretend that the Palestinians do not exist and, if that does not work, label them as the enemy to validate any violence inflicted on them.

Arab Americans: A Community Portrait

The Arab American community is much larger and more diverse than ever.

The History and Impact of 9/11 on MENA/SWANA, South Asian, and Muslim Communities

While mainstream narratives around the September 11, 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers emphasize how the United States came together as a...

50 years on: Reflections from the 1974 AAUG Convention

The convening addressed continued media bias against Arabs, driven largely by the racist and Orientalist media coverage of the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine.

All of Us: Advancing Healthcare, Diversity, & Representation in the MENA Community

The All of Us program focuses on ensuring communities who are marginalized and underrepresented in biomedical research (UBR) are included.